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23 March 2020

Important Notice to the Wavlink Community

With the recent Government announcements for non-essential services to halt services and in conjunction with discussions with our Board and Management team Wavlink will be closed for business from and including Wednesday 25 March.

The Centre anticipates being closed until Term 4, Monday 4 October or when we are instructed by our Government that it is safe for us to return to life as “normal”.
Over the next few weeks we will be exploring practical ways to keep our participants engaged and in contact with one another from afar.

Meanwhile if you would like to be part of New Look activities operated from the comforts of your home please contact us by email or leave a message on our phone 9561 7104. The phone will be manned irregularly, but messages will be responded to in 48 hours.

Please be patient with us as we rework our program and understand that many activities you were involved in are now not possible under the current circumstances. If you have any queries please contact the above email address.

We will be in contact again soon.  Stay safe and be kind to one another.

Isabel Ho
Acting Centre Manager

Important Notice for the Wavlink community

Term 1 Newsletter

Wavlink is NOT responsible for organising student transport to and from programs and outings.
​If you need to book a taxi please call: 13 1117 or 8413 81111