Course Schedule 

Fees and Charges

Amenities Fee: $50.00 per student per term.

The Wavlink concession fee structure is in line with the Home and Community Care (HACC) Fee Policy the Adult Community and Further Education (ACFE) Fee Policy and the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) Fee policy

ACFE fees: $1.08 per class hour at each term enrolment.

HACC fees: $7.70 per session

CHSP fees: $10.00

NDIS: Wavlink is transitioning, if you are a current student with an NDIS plan and wish to continue accessing Wavlink services please let Wavlink Staff know as we may be able to assist you in the planning process.

NDIS fees will vary according to individual plans. NDIS funds will cover all staffing costs but there is still a charge for extra activities such as ingredients for cooking, materials for art, transport on outings and amenity fees (see activity costs above).

Further information on NDIS hourly rates will be provided on request.

Activity costs are charged in advance and will be invoiced with Term Fees. Your Invoice will be sent out during term. Occasionally items made at Wavlink can be purchased for the cost of materials.

Please talk to the Co-ordinator on 9561 7104 if you have trouble paying your fees.