Wavlink is all about equipping YOU with the knowledge and skills to lead an easier, richer life. Wavlink’s staff will assist you in choosing the programs best suited to your needs. Some of the classes include:   
That’s Life   
Learn independent living skills regarding health and hygiene, handling money, reading maps and understanding personal rights and responsibilities.
Literacy & Numeracy
Learn about reading and writing, because reading and number skills are so important in life.
MasterCook, Our Kitchen Rules and Soul Food
ICT & More and Digital Futures
They are computer related learning groups about information technology including hardware, software, the internet, email, scanning, printers and digital cameras – learn at any level and at your own pace. Utilise Photoshop and other media programs and learn all about iPads. 
Cover menu planning, food budgets, meal preparation, various ethnic cuisines, stress reduction and relaxation techniques.
In addition to learning groups Wavlink provides opportunities for craftwork, singing, dancing, karaoke, tenpin bowling, fitness training, woodwork and casual social activities. There is something for everybody, all done in a supportive and friendly manner.

Wavlink permits no discrimination regarding gender, marital status, pregnancy, parenthood, age level, type of disability, ethnic background, religion, political beliefs or geographic location - and nobody will be denied access to Wavlink’s services for financial reasons.